Note: All photography services include post production editing work which involves

substantial workflow (over and above the day of the event). The standard rule is 1 to 1; meaning that for every 1 hour spent shooting there will be an additional 1 hour spent in  post production editing work (4 hours of shooting will translate to 8 hours of work total).

1.   $-0-

RUNWAY event and event participants pays No Fee for photography coverage. The No Fee photography coverage is intended for promotional use by the photographer or the event participants, such as magazine or news related articles in the USA or International publications. All rights to image production remain the sole property of the photographer. However, limited and restricted use to some of photographer’s images may be granted upon request from the event coordinator, event management or event participants. Under no condition will the limited use image rights be allowed to be sold by anyone other than the photographer. Images and or prints (including poster prints) may be purchased individually and separately directly from the photographer. Photographer credit must be plainly labeled on any posted image provided by photographer.


2.    $300 – $500 (per day)

MODELING SHOOT AND PORTFOLIO creation are negotiable and range in price from between $300 to $500 for photography services and post production editing. Under this clause, image production will be provided in digital format no later than 3 days after completion of the shoot. The price depends on the number of makeup changes and outfits being shot. Image production may be used by the model and posted for promotional purposes only; under no condition may the provided images be sold outside of direct purchase from the photographer. However, the images provided to the model will have no other restrictions.


3.   $1200 – $10,000 (per event)

SPECIAL EVENTS AND WEDDING Photography services and post production editing (which may include video and or drone coverage) will be negotiated and agreed to prior to services being provided; a signed agreement will be required as part of the terms of service. Under this clause, there are no restrictions on the use of the provided images or video.


4.  $1000 – 10,000 (daily rate)

PRINT ADVERTISING creation and production is individually negotiated and services are provided under contract terms.


TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY Coverage and Services: The client and/or the requesting party, will be required to pay in advance all travel related expenses for photography services (which will be negotiated and acknowledged by both parties in writing). Photographer maintains a current US Passport and frequently travels to European for shooting assignments.


NOTE ON COLLABORATIVE (TFP) Shooting Assignments:

While I do appreciate collaborative shooting offers, time is often limited. Therefore, it is highly recommended and advisable that the model (and all parties involved ie; MUA, Hair etc) be well organized and prepared ahead of time (please, no last minute preparing).

Currently, a separate acting reel website is under construction so acting talent will be given priority with regard to shooting collaborations. The new acting reel website is looking for outstanding acting talent (both men and women).  So, if you are a natural born actor please contact me as soon as possible and we’ll talk. Please keep in mind that creating acting reel requires substantial work during post-production editing; the time in post production editing will far exceed the day of the actual video shoot (at least until the process is perfected).


Thank you, I look forward to working with all interested parties,

-David Martinez,

Model Manager and Primary Photographer

(714) 588-1144