-NEW Model Registration


If you want to be considered for modeling assignments then please e-mail the following information; you will receive a reply upon receipt of your e-mail.

All individuals interested in modeling are encouraged to apply. However, those under 18 years of age will need to have a parent do the initial contact and the parent will need to sign an authorization and release form. Additionally, a parent will need to be present during all photo shoots.


Any model or potential model that falsifies  their information will be blocked from this site as well as all affiliated modeling sites; these individuals will not be considered for any type of work or model referrals (honest counts).



1.  Provide First and Last name (the legal name for bank issued payments to you with proof

of  ID)

2.  Provide Mailing Address (where you will received prints, payments or printed


3.  Provide E-Mail Address (most offers will be sent by email and require a fairly quick


4.  Provide Phone Number (follow up communication and confirmations will be done via voice

calls and/or text messaging)

Voice and Text Note:  If you do not answer or quickly reply then offers will go to the next available model that can be reached. Models should be aware that availability is monumentally important.


5. Provide your current age and year of birth (example, 1997)-

6.  Provide your height (in bare feet)

7.  Provide your weight (true weight)

8.  Dress size-

9.  Pants Size-

10.  Provide 1 close head shot and 1 full shot (clean face, no makeup)

The provided photo must be taken within the last three months.

(a current cell phone pic is fine and preferably in shorts or leggings and a form fitting shirt or blouse)-

11.  Indicate if you have any visible tattoos (and where)-

12.  Provide a link to your modeling content/portfolio (indicate last update)-

13.  Indicate days and times that you are not available to model; all days not indicated

will be assumed open and available.



Name of Agent or Agency that represents you under contract (both exclusive or non-exclusive representation). These parties are contacted in accordance with your contract terms.

Provide your agent’s business address and business phone number-



Models will never be asked to shoot nude. If a model is referred to a photo shoot, and then asked to shoot nude, the requesting party will be permanently blocked from this site and all affiliated sites. Further, the offending party will be added to a watch list so as to protect and inform other models that might be victimized. Law enforcement will be notified if a potential crime is suspected.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to read the additional pages on this site, especially new models or those just considering modeling. Thank you for taking the time to read and for staying informed. A page will be added to include model warnings and fraud, look for this page in future updates.


Thank you for reading, I look forward to each reply,

David Martinez,

Model Manager and Principle Photographer